Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

My pal, Rob, tagged me a while back on a meme on what makes me happy. That list follows:

1. I am happy. No. No. I am fucking ecstatic that I currently don’t have a long commute to work any more. It is just a few miles. After just a couple of days of fighting traffic during Wizard World weekend. I really appreciate not having to go through that crap. Including having one highway completely shut down for construction Saturday morning.

2. In a few weeks my brother makes his annual trip here, and that is cool because it is when our old gaming group gets together. We usually go out to dinner somewhere and then actually have a night of gaming. Anything from Trivial Pursuit, to Zombies, to Scene It. Maybe bowling.

3. When I first come home and the dogs are there to greet me.

4. When something I cook comes out perfectly.

5. Catching an episode of one of my favorite shows that I haven’t seen in years.

6. Going to my family reunion every year.

That’s it, that’s the list for now

Oh, and “I’m only happy when it rains

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  1. You play Zombies? What a cool game. I've gotta break that one out again, and eat some brains.