Thursday, December 27, 2007

Diamond Talk

Since 2004 Texas Ranger fans have been regaled with tales of how good our future pitching rotation will be with the prospects of John Danks, Edison Volquez, and Thomas Diamond. They were wittily called DVD. They were going to be the guys to rival what the A's did with their home grown pitching. With the trade of Volquez to the Reds last week for Josh Hamilton the Rangers are now left with just a single 'D'. That would be Thomas Diamond who underwent Tommy John surgery last year and missed the entire season.

The Danks trade of last year for Brandon McCarthy is still up in the air, as neither player exactly dazzled anyone in the majors last year. They both might turn out to be fine players.

The Volquez trade is the one that irritates me. I wouldn't have a problem with them trading Volquez if they don't think he will be that good, but only if they got some pitching in return. The Rangers are a team that has been starved for pitching pretty much their entire existence in Texas, and trading for another outfielder (making I think 50 outfielders coming into spring training) doesn't do it for me. I know Hamilton has shown flashes of greatness in his career, but trading a guy who was going to be in your starting rotation for a player with as much baggage as Hamilton just seems...I dunno stupid. Hamilton may turn out to be an awesome player. The Rangers have had plenty of great hitting outfielders, to me he will just be another name. A great...hell a good pitcher is hard to come by for the Rangers.

Well, Mr Diamond, I hope for the best for ya as the last piece of the great DVD trio. Of course the Rangers could still very well trade him too.

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