Wednesday, May 27, 2009

House Sitting Part 539

Memorial Day Weekend I was house sitting for my dad again as he and Jenny went on vacation. It made for one the most boring Memorial Day weekends of all-time. My dad does not have cable or anything like that, so it is just over the air TV, but it is in HD so that is a bonus. I also brought my computer over, so I could have its full capabilities (including gaming) while I was there.

While there I did discover a new channel in the area. Channel 31, I never knew it existed until then. I did enjoy the HD channel of 31-3 which is Cool TV. Which shows some music videos and a lot of songs from concert DVDs pretty cool for the most part. They haven't gotten all of the kinks worked out yet as some videos are on for maybe 30 seconds before it just stops and goes to another video. A nice changeup and some relief from the boredom.

I did have desperation TV early Monday afternoon, and watched some Maury. I really enjoy the scrapping of the bottom of the barrel with all of the paternity tests that were going on. Totally trashy television.

In other news, I was saddened Monday to learn of the death of Jay Bennett. The tremendously talented multi-instrumentalist formerly of Wilco. Arguably the force that steered Wilco from being Uncle Tupelo Jr to finding their own voice and musical direction and becoming one of the best bands in the past 10+ years. Lucas Hilbert has a very nice post over here. 45 is just way too young.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Part 1, or why I love the internet: In the past year or so I have been reunited with about 4 friends of mine through the internet. 3 of them used to be in my regular role-playing group, and another was a guy I used to work with. It has been really cool chatting with these guys again.

At least two of them have found me over at Captain Comics, which is the message board where I use my real full name. The original reason I used my real name there I have always said, was because if I lambasted someone's work, I at least wanted to have the balls to use my real name, and not hid behind an alias. The secondary effect is that it has allowed friends of mine to find me online. So cheers to "teh internetz"

Part 2: Two Saturdays ago, one of my good friends, also my old roommate had his wedding reception (about 5 months after he eloped). This were I got to see two of the guys from above show up, and a few other friends of mine. Some of these guys I haven't seen in 10 or more years. Most of them it had been 3 years or more since I had seen them. It was fun just to socialize with all of them again, no matter how briefly it was.

Some didn't look like they had changed at all, others had changed...a lot. A real nice evening.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Legion Sketch #17

In this edition we have:

This is Dawnstar of course, as illustrated by Kristian Donaldson, perhaps best know for his work on the Brian Woods' series Supermarket. I dig this one a lot, and Kristian is a really nice guy. He is almost the personification of the typical artist though.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Soup for you!

Over at Rob's blog, he did a post on who he gives a free pass to. Those who could piss in his soup, and he would have seconds from, or something like that,. Actually, it is people who have entertained you so much, they get a pass on their lesser works. Here are mine:

Quentin Tarantino: I loved Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, so much I will pretty much watch anything he does. I even watched the episode of All-American Girl he guest starred in.

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant: Simply for their previous work in Led Zeppelin. I liked the Coverdale/Page album, and when Jimmy Page was playing with the Black Crowes. Also, Plant's CD with Allison Krauss was great. John Paul Jones gets a lot less press (or none at all), but if I knew what he was up to I would check that out as well.

Geoff Johns: I don't think anyone does pure superhero fare better than Johns right now. I wanted to hate his run on Flash, and I loved it. I went into Green Lantern: Rebirth with great skepticism and he won me over. His run on the two Justice Society of America series' is some of the best comics of the past decade. All of that is so great I can forgive his Avengers.

Ed Brubaker: At one point he was writing my enitre pull list from Marvel: Captain America, Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Criminal. Only his leaving Iron Fist changed that.