Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Lights

Like a whole mess of other people, I too get tired with how early the Christmas decorations come out. Thanksgiving really gets the short shrift. As I was going through downtown Frisco last night with a friend of mine and saw all of the building lit up, I just commented "I sure do like all of the Thanksgiving Lights they put up this year."

If I can pretend certain stories in the comics I read didn't happen. I can sure as hell make myself believe that the city loves Thanksgiving so much that they put lights up.

Gobble, gobble


  1. Seriuosly. When did Thanksgiving become a lights and decorations holidays. Maybe a cornicopia or something, but a ginat turkey light display. Come on...

  2. I had neighbors who had a giant plastic snowman on their roof that they never took down...for years...