Friday, January 22, 2010

Alpaca Breeders

The other day, my boss gave me a very nice compliment,"Travis, I don't day this often enough, but I never have to tell you anything twice. You always take care of whatever I need immediately. I don't have to follow up with you." Which was very flattering. There is a reason I work this way though, at every job I have had. I am a master procrastinator. If I don't take care of my work as soon as I can I will slough off and I may just wait a day or two to take care of what I need to. I simply can't wait or it won't get done. When I was in high school I would always be "sick" the day before a research paper was do. I would then do all of my research and and writing the day I missed. I wait till the day before my inspection runs out on my car before I get that taken care of. That explains that.

A quick Dallas Cowboys note. Wade Phillips was given a contract extension this week, and I have heard a more than a few people on the radio claim what a great job he has done here. Even going so far as to malign what Bill Parcells did for the team.
"Look at Wade's record, it is better than Bill Parcells'"
"Bill Parcells didn't win a playoff game."

Now I am no great fan of Tuna, BUT does no one remember the team that Bill Parcells took over? They had three straight 5-11 seasons. He had Quincy Carter for his QB (an NFL career rating of 71.7), and he still made it to the playoffs that year. He also had Troy Hambrick (who?) as his number 1 rusher, and Terry Glenn as the lead receiver (754 yds for the year). Parcells built up the team, and he was the one who convinced Jerry Jones to keep Tony Romo. So let's give Parcells a little credit shall we?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Legion Sketch #28

This time we got:

We got a Sun Boy pic by Tom Morgan. He was a very entertaining guy to listen to at the convention I met him at. He did quite abit of work for the Big Two in the '80s & '90s and just kind of disappeared from the comic book scene. He said he was getting calls all the time from artists friends saying that they could get him work on a book if he needed it. He didn't, he had moved on to a career doing storyboards for films, tv, and commercials.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A very special offer

I am just about done going inside my bank to get anything done. I do 90% of mine banking on-line, and the only time I go in a branch is when I have a paper check to deposit. Now whenever I go inside someone is trying to give me the hard sell to open a new account, take out a loan, or spend some kind of money there.

Like earlier this week I was in there, and some guy working there told me that I and a select few customers have chosen to earn 1.5% on any new saving account we open up with a minimum of $25,000. All I could think was, "Yeah select few, the select few who are stupid enough to walk inside." I told him that no I couldn't really that right now. I wanted to add that he sees what my deposits are each week, and why would he think I have an extra twenty-five grand laying around.

So, yeah, if they don't ease off I may try the ATM deposits.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Decade of Dross

Well, my friend Rob tagged me in one of them blog meme type things. It is a “best of decade” thing that hopefully I can squeeze 3 or so categories out of. From Ami Angelwing’s original blog post:

It's the "of the decade" meme! Basically come up with 3 categories and who you think wins that category! Be creative!

Like what I mean isn't just "best comic book of the decade"... like "best moustache of an comic creator of the decade" or whatever.. it can be serious (best Asian male film character of the decade) or not or whatever.. it doesn't have to be about comics, or games or whatever.. it can be about nething (worst hair of a world leader, weirdest food trend... etc etc)

and tag 3-5 other ppl! And then they come up with 3 categories.. etc :] The main part is to be creative!

Be creative? That isn’t my specialty, but lets see what we can do…

Best Piece of Radio Audio of the Decade: Just go and listen to this piece of audio. The thing to remember is that this was a radio host interviewing the Dallas Chief of Police. Oh, what must have been going through his head!? I have heard this well over a hundred times and it makes me laugh every single time.

Best Sporting Event of the Decade: This decade was the second time I went to the first two rounds of the NCAA basketball tournament. The first round is four games with quite a bit of time between the first two and second two games. Between those games two friends and I were drinking at the bar in the arena. One of my friends hits on a girl there and, she offers to give us the seats of some of her family who have already left. We ended up watching the games that evening on about the 15th row. A little bit better that our seats on the last row in the arena.

Best Website of the Decade: The Captain Comics message board. One of the most civil places on the web were we discuss so much more than just comic books. I have even had the pleasure of meeting a few of the people on there.

Best Comic Book Memory that has Nothing to do with Comic Books of the Decade: I don’t believe I have ever told this story on the web before. Okay, so it is the first year of Wizard World Texas in Arlington, TX (I wanna say 2003). I am volunteering at the Hero Initiative booth (still called ACTOR back then). One of the guests of honor is George Perez and he is also donating some of his time to sign comics at our booth for donations. I meet him Friday and that was very, very cool.

Saturday night a friend of mine who was their peddling his comic with some other friends was having a party at his house, and I went to that of course. We almost pulled an all-nighter, and I ended up with a solid 2 hours of sleep. I went to the con that day very tired and very hungover. I sat in the back of the booth feeling sorry for myself waiting until the time I had to go back on duty. At one point George shows up ad he looks miserable too. It turns out he had gotten mild food poisoning the night before and also felt like ass. He just wanted a place to hang out before he met more of the fans, so George Perez and I just sat in the back of the booth commiserating with each other for about an hour. That’s right kids I had just about every fan boy’s wet dream as I had a one-on-one with George Perez. I don’t remember what we talked about, but I know it had little to do with comic books

That is it that is my list. Who to tag? I reckon Howard, Jeff, and Mike. I would tag P-Cat as well but I don’t know if his serious sports blog would be up for a meme. If you are go for it as well.

PS I am trying to see how many places I can out that picture of me and George Perez. This is either 4 or 5 sites. This picture was taken a few years later though.