Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Homeowners with

Well, first things first. I'd like to ask everyone for their thoughts, prayers, or whatever for my cousin Rich. I just learned over the weekend that he has been diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of 41. The doctors are very hopeful that they are getting to it early enough.

My aunt was in town and I enjoyed listening to her and my dad talk as I always learn something new about my dad. Like, he belonged to 4-H when he was younger and actually had a cow that won the grand champion ribbon three years in a row until they were forced to sell her. I also learned that at one point in time Texas Industries had airplanes (little prop planes) that their employees with a pilot's license could rent.

I've mentioned it before and I will mention it again Marlo's House in Garland, TX is awesome. I absolutely love their food.

Finally ex-major leaguer and current Dallas radio personality, Mike Bacsik is an idiot. Although how long he remains in Dallas radio is to be determined

UPDATE: Mike Bacsik fired by Cumulus Media

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Legion Sketch #31

In this episode:

I will be honest and say that this is probably my favorite sketch I have. We have Shadow Lass, of course, painted by Evan Bryce. He is another member of Space-Gun Studios.
I just think this one is incredible.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

And Boom Goes the Dynamite!

Well Sunday was the implosion on Texas Stadium, the old home of the Dallas Cowboys. I am not one to get sentimental when it comes to most old buildings (well depends on how old they are). When they tore, are they still tearing down?, Reunion Arena it didn't really bother me that much, and I spent a lot more time there than I ever did Texas Stadium. Heck, I've only been to Texas Stadium 6 times ever, and 5 of those times was within the last 7-8 years. I think it bothers me more just because historically it is more significant.

You know 5 Super Bowl champions is one thing. I loved when Brent Musburger on the old NFL Today show would say, "You're looking live at Irving, TX and Texas Stadium" It was featured on the opening of the old Dallas TV show. I liked how Tex Schramm said the hole in the roof was so that God could watch the Dallas Cowboys. And I will admit it, I liked the fact that kind of talked pissed some people off.

My favorite memory from Texas Stadium? Showing up at 7:30AM for a noon kickoff game and tailgating (IE drinking) until 11:45. Sometime during the game we lost my friend's brother for quite some time. Oh and the Cowboys won against the Lions in one of the most boring games of all-time.

Finally, the answer is:
Ronny Gant, Cinco De Mayo, and George Strait.

The question:
What are Jerry Jone's best memories of Texas Stadium.

This deserves a WTF?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Would you like fries with that?

A couple of food related topics.

Last week on the radio station I regularly listen to (1310 the Ticket), they had some huge burritos in there for lunch and there was one left over. They asked one host, Norm Hitzges, if he would eat one on Friday, it was Wednesday when they asked. He said maybe he would, and two of the hosts pledged $250 bucks each to his favorite charity. He then agreed to it. It wasn't just a three day old burrito, he ate. They left it out at room temperature until Norm ate it Friday. He ate it on the air, and said it still tasted really good. While he was eating it people called in donated more money, and he ended up raising over $3000 for the Austin Street Centre. It is a charity I have actually donated to before. Austin Street Centre is a homeless shelter than runs only on private donations. Very cool that a man can eat a three day old burrito and raise that much for charity. Monday, Norm said he never felt ill after wards.

In other food stuff kind of things. My roommate told me he was going to start eating more fish, even though he hates fish. I asked him why. "To lose weight," he replied. I told him maybe he shouldn't go to Whataburger up to 5, yes 5 times a week. We all know how to lose weight, its all about want to. I sure as heck can stand to drop some weight, but I haven't gotten to the point of wanting to make the effort.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Script quickly

As you all know yesterday was April Fool's and that day always reminds me of my personal favorite prank. I love it because it totally fooled me, and I am usually pretty decent at sniffing them out. It was the early to mid '90s and the Dallas Mavericks were the worst team in the NBA. I was watching the local new station and in the normal newscast they had breaking news. The Dallas Mavericks had just traded for David Robinson. Holy cow! This was a complete game changer. The Mavs just got one of the dominant players in the NBA.

They sold it so perfectly too. It occurred so naturally in the news cast. No one gave it away. David Robinson was in on it to. They showed him giving an interview about the trade and how happy he was coming to the Mavericks. I was almost jumped up out of the recliner with joy. Then at the end of the interviews, Robinson turns to the camera and says, "April Fools!" I would have been mad if it hadn't worked so perfectly. I also think it worked so well, because you weren't inundated with practical jokes like you are now with so many on the web. Plus, it was so rare for a TV station to pull something like that. I found it hysterical.

Well maybe I was a little bitter.