Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Internet has been very, very good to me

I am about to go to my Dad's wedding in a few minutes, and here is just one more reason why I love the internet:

Learning How to Tie a Tie!!!

People have tried for years to teach me, and it never took. I would always have to have someone do it for me. I finally learned how with step by step instructions over three years ago when I was having to go in for job interviews. I used a different site then, but this one was great as I hadn't had to tie one since I went on those interviews.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I knew it!!!!!

As I have mentioned before my dad is getting remarried. The wedding is going to take place in his backyard, and a couple of months ago he told me was going to build a deck for the ceremony. When he told me this I knew he would be calling at some point to help him on a weekend or two. He never did call, so I figured he was doing fine.

I was right. I just didn't think he would wait 2 weeks(!) before the wedding to call, and he is going to be out of town the weekend before. So, I cancel my plans for the weekend (not like I had anything big planned). When I get there he hasn't done much since I was there in April.

Day 1: I arrive at about 10:30AM and it is time to get to work. I help unroll more of the power cord, I move a piece of lumber. I can see why he needed an extra hand, I think to myself. Seemingly hearing my thoughts my dad says,"Don't worry I'll put you to work soon." And did he. I had to dig holes for the posts he was putting in. I dug 2 holes 20 inches each. The post hole digger was useless in the hard clay in this part of Texas. I used it a few times, and it looked like I got about a 1/2 a tablespoon of soil. Would did work pretty well was the garden claw. Still it really wore me out. On one hole there were large pieces of brick that had to be dug out. What they were doing there that deep I have no idea.

About midday I realized I didn't put any sunscreen on, uh-oh. We made one trip to Home Depot, and once we return my dad realized he forgot the most important item (a 4x4), and he never wrote it on his list. After lunch we go back and pick it. I also mixed concrete to fill the holes, which I had never done before. I had to leave at around 4:30. My neck burning up from the sun and I had two deep bruises on the palms of my hand from the garden claw.

Wearing sandals was also a bad idea.

When I got home I eventually, and decided to take a nap at around 8PM. I woke up at 10 grabbed some dinner and went back to bed at 11.

Playing Rock Band until 4:30AM the night before...another bad idea.

Day 2: First thing in the morning I go to the store and buy some sunscreen. More holes to dig today. Before the end of the day I will have dug 10 more holes. These only about 12 inches deep, but still 10. This time I had some gloves so there was less wear and tear on my hands. Another trip to Home Depot, and more supplies. We really slowed down around 2-3 o'clock the sun was beating down on us and there was no shade. Plus, my dad wasn't sure what he wanted to do next. Work finally devolved into what i thought it would. Me standing around watching my dad work. As he wasn't sure what he wanted to do next so couldn't give me any leads as to what to do. We picked up the pace around 4:30 when the sun started to going down and it cooled off. We quit finally at around 6:30.

Dad and his fiancee wanted to take me out to dinner, but I wanted the work I did for them to be its own reward. Furthermore, considering how tired I was at that point I just wanted to get home.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2 + 2 = ?

Now I wasn't any kind of business or finance major, so maybe I just don't get it. One of our customers ordered an item, and told me, "I was quoted $3.00 per unit"

"Really? Who quoted you that price? I will have to ask my boss about that,"I replied. I talked to my boss and he said to order it, and if there is a problem to call my boss. Well there is a problem, 3 bucks is less than the company we buy from pays for it. My boss decides to pay the cost to the manufacturer and to honor the price the customer was "quoted" and we will pay the difference. "Why?" I ask.

"Well I don't want him to complain and go somewhere else."

My response: "Well if he leaves, we will end up making money." I just don't understand. You may want to satisfy your customer's, but that is going way to far. I would have told the dude so sit and spin. I'm not as confrontational as I used to be, but in this case I would have made an exception

Thursday, May 8, 2008

At It Again

Well, I am once again house sitting. This time it is for my old roommate, as he his girlfriend and her daughter are on vacation. House sitting is kind of a mini-vacation for me as well. It gets me out of my house for a little while. Away my current roommate and the dogs there as well.

One of the main reasons I like house sitting at this house is that somehow it is actually closer to work than my house. I am probably 10 minutes away at my house. It might be 5 from my friend’s. I just have to go through one light and school zone, so I can just zip to work.

My main concern is that this is the house were I have the most responsibilities. I have to take care of two dogs. Including a twelve year-old dachshund. Two cats. Feed the fish. Water the plants on the porch. Make sure the new tree is well watered (don’t over water), and all the other stuff.

Off on a tangent:

I always like looking at the relationship dynamic between animals in homes and such. I was surprised that the pit bull completely defers to the dachshund on most things. Before Tuck (the pit bull) was fed outside, now both dogs eat inside. The first night I fed them, he just laid down beside me while Kyra ate. Once she was done then he got up and ate. It amazed me especially with how aggressive he was with the other dog (Charlie) when he was there. Of course Tuck in general has calmed down from when I first got to know him, he used to act like the Tasmanian Devil.

Well, I should be back home Sunday night, so just a few more days.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Too Much Time On My Hands

'80s Sitcom Potpourri

Score: 95% (19 out of 20)

I pretty much nailed this one. This is a fun little quiz. There is a question about Miami Vice question which is a decidedly not a sitcom.