Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I like Mike!

Well, congratulations to Mike Modano for being the new all-time American born point scorer. He earned that mark November 9th. He is also the all-time goal scorer, a mark he earned last season.

Since the Stars have been in Dallas, Modano has been the face of the franchise. It is a lot easier to get the women to go the games when he is playing. For quite a few years he was the number 1 eligible bachelor in the area. But beyond being another pretty face, he has been great on and off the ice.

He has had his ups. Including when the Stars won the Stanley Cup in 1999

And his downs: Being stripped of his captaincy last season. Being demoted to the fourth line this season because of his lack of scoring (and what better way to spark his offense than to put him on the fourth line? That is a post for later). He has taken these hits without much complaint at all.

so, uh, way to go, man....
I ran out of steam.

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