Monday, November 19, 2007

Are you co-kidding me?

Well the Dallas Stars continue their descent into hockey irrelevance. No, not by the firing of GM Doug Armstrong, but by naming co-interim GMs of Brett Hull and Les Jackson. As far as I know, there have never been co-general managers of a sports franchise. Was a change needed at the Stars? Sure.

Dallas hasn’t drafted a 20-goal scorer since Brenden Morrow in 1997. The Armstrong managed Stars have only won one playoff series during his tenure. Pretty pathetic. But is now the time to get rid of the general manger? Will a new one put butts in the seats?

The main point though, is the whole co-GM thing. Some spokesman for the Stars was trying to spin it that no team has just one GM they have guys going to the colleges, others to European leagues, etc. So having co-GMs would be fine. No shit. I didn’t think Armstrong was flying to Sweden to find the next big thing. Every team does have people doing all of those other things, but you still need that one singular voice. One person to make the ultimate decision.

Les Jackson has plenty of experience, and maybe the best person for the job. Brett Hull was the Stars “Ambassador of Fun” last season. With no management experience. He very well maybe great at the job, but I would like to him spend at least a season or two learning the job.

As a bonus, if these two can’t come to a mutual decision, owner Tom Hicks will make the final judgment. Splendid.

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