Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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I was messing with my computer on Sunday updating some drivers, and had my motherboard box out on my bed. My roommate walks by and asks if I got a new motherboard.

"No," I explain,"I keep all of the software and manuals for all of my hardware in that box. That way whenever I have to reinstall Windows, or mess around with my computer I have everything I need in one place."

"That is such a good idea. I never would have though of it," he replies

"Wait, are you being serious or sarcastic?"

"Serious, I am always scrambling around looking for my software. That is genius."

"Oh, thanks."


  1. Wish I was that organized. Had to scrounge around for a USB cable yesterday. Took 15 minutes. Turned out it was behind the computer on the floor.

  2. I wish I could translate that organization to other parts of my life. Just the computer stuff, and my comic books. I recently took all of my various USB device cables and tied them up and put them away so i could find them.