Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random facts about me...blah, blah, blah

You all know this list, and here is mine:

1. I was an altar boy.
2. I am a very competitive person. I just hide it really well when I lose.
3. I've had the hands of a sixty year old since I was in kindergarten.
4. I love to dive around and listen to music. That was almost half the fun I had when I would drive to visit my family in Iowa. Stop for gas and switch out the CDs in my player.
5. I was the first person I knew with internet access.
6. Around 2002 I went through a green phase. I wore green almost everyday, and I would only write in green ink. It was pointed out to me before I ever noticed I was doing it.
7. I haven't eaten fried chicken since summer of 2001 .
8. One of the best compliments I ever got was when a friend of mine told me that if he ever got on Who Wants be a Millionaire? I would be his phone-a-friend.
9. I am fascinated how people get into their careers as I have never known what I wanted to do.
10. That being said I have enjoyed every job I have had.
11. I lived with my uncle most of one summer and worked on his farm.
12. There is an old saying, "Never trust some one who has never spent a night in jail." You can trust me.
13. I never minded mowing the lawn.
14. I once drove 4 hours with a 105 temperature, and then had to be taken to the emergency room when I got to my destination.
15. In my senior year of high school I helped my Computer Science teacher from my junior year teach her first period class.
16. I once beat a friend of mine 23 games in a row in one on one basketball.
17. I didn't realize how fast I had grown, until one day I looked straight down and got dizzy. It looked so high up.
18. I credit my dad with my desire to try new things and my sense of humor.
19. I credit my mom with my love of cooking and reading.
20. I share my birthday with a grandmother and my friend John.
21. I liked hunting and fishing, but I quit both once I had to start paying for the licenses.
22. It has been over 3 months since I got my haircut.
23. In that vein I didn't need to start shaving regularly until my 30s
24. I have never tried a cigarette even once.
25. It is so hard for me to explain what I will and will not eat onions in, and if they have to be cooked or not in a dish it is just easier for me to say I don't like 'em. For the record though if I will eat them 99% of the time they need to be cooked.

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  1. Numbers, 1, 2 17, 19 and 9 could be me as well. Am working on number 12. No luck yet.

  2. 12 isn't exactly something you strive for.