Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oh no

So I come home from work Thursday afternoon, and I notice almost immediately that something is amiss. Oh crap, my bedroom door is open. Suddenly, I have visions of going into the back yard and finding piles of chewed up comic books strewn about. The dog, Juno is a notorious chewer and wrecker of...everything. I've been meaning to post some pictures of his handy work. He really likes to get into paper products, the mail isn't even safe when it is on the bar. I slowly walk to the back door so see what damage has been done. I look back there, and...nothing. There was one of my socks, but I expect that. Juno will take one of my socks even when I am there, just one though. Seeing that didn't bother me. I was just so happy that none of my comics were out there. Hopefully, he is growing out of his chewing phase.

In other news, I finished the huge tome The Mammoth Book of Best Horror Comics. It was a really good for the most part and at over 500 pages mammoth is right. It collects pre-Code horror comics from the '40s and '50s all the way up to some just a few years old. I didn't find any of the stories particularly scary, and after so many tales at how great the pre-Code comics were, they were fine, I guess I was just expecting something gorier.

I did enjoy the older comics more than I did the newer ones. Especially, the stories representing the 21st century. That had two by the same guy that was just photoshopped work, which I don't dislike on principle, but this just wasn't very good. Plus, one of his stories was a remake of one earlier in the book, so that really left me cold. There was also a Steve Niles/Ben Templesmith Cal MacDonald story I have yet to see anything by either creator I like. There was also one or two Lovecraft stories, and that is just material I never got. Just mind-numbingly boring to me. The good greatly outweighed the bad though. Some nice early Kaluta. A Bernie Wrightson story, and he never disappoints. A number of Bruce Jones tales. Defintely worth the cost. I am saying this, and I am not even much of a horror fan at all.

My other problem is calling it a "Best of" when there is no EC.

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  1. Glad the panic was unwarranted.

    I hadn't heard of that comic, but it sounds like lots of fun.