Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The radio line of the week makes it return after a long hiatus since nothing struck me as funny. This one was unintentionally funny:
"I don't hate Sidney Ponson. I hope he gets into heaven. I really do."
I don't know why, but that really made me laugh.

I am finally, kinda sorta getting use to the route I am riding on my bike. I can ride it without feeling like I am going to have a heart attack. Plus when I go uphill I don't need shift down so much. Slowly, but surely.

The Texas Rangers have never had success against the Yankees. Like ever. They have already won their first series since April 2005 against the Pinstripers. I haven't done the research yet, but I am curious to see when was the last time they swept them. They have that chance tonight.


  1. As for the Rangers, as a Reds fan, I can't give you much other than that I feel your pain, and I celebrate along with you right now. We didn't sweep them a couple weeks ago, but at least we won the series.

    Loved the article too, by the way. Never thought of it that way.

  2. #11 of the Time list: the economy is highly over-rated, anyway...