Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Triumvirate of Fun

This past weekend was a perfect storm of a good time. It didn't start out that way though. Friday at about noon I left work early as I was feeling nauseous and was running a fever. I was hungry, but everything I even thought about eating made me feel like I was going to throw-up. By about 4 though I was feeling fine.

Late Saturday morning I played my regular City of Heroes game with my brother and friends. Then I got the call to play poker Saturday night. Of course I went. I brought the beer, and my friend Stephanie made some pho. Nicole baked cookies. A nice pre-Chinese New Year's celebration. One guy went to a party, came and played poker for a while, and then went back to his party (I think the girls finally showed up). After we got done I spent the night there.

Why? Because the next day I was going to the Dallas Comic-con. My friend's house was closer to the con than my place. I also got to play with their son for a couple of hours before I left, which was fun.

Going one day was fine with me. I didn't bring my camera (or I did but no batteries), but I did meet the likes of Bernie Wrightson, Howard Chaykin, and Herb Trimpe. Which was cool. I talked to some dealers and local creators I know. The top topic being the cancellation of Wizard World Texas. (Slight tangent one day pass to Dallas Comic-con: $10.00 Wizard World Texas: $28.00. Are you kidding me!?) I bought a slew of Weird War Tales, a bunch of half-price trades, other various odds and ends of comics. It was fun, and three hours there was a perfect amount of time to be there. No sketches this time though.

A good, fun, responsibilty free weekend.


  1. I love going to Comicons, I wonder how the attendance will be this year and how many vendors will be making the trek...

  2. The vendors still seem to be coming. I just think you will see better deals.
    I heard one dealer had $2.00 trades at his table on Saturday. Everyone seems to be doing at last 1/2 off on all of their trades.
    Individual comics cut from $100 to $35. So if you aren't feeling the financial crunch there are good to be had.