Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Serial Cereal Reviews: Frosted Flakes Gold

Last year Kellogg's deigned it necessary to unleash a new flavor of Frosted Flakes upon the public. That is the new Frosted Flakes Gold. I will put it bluntly this cereal sucks. It isn't just crunchy it tastes kind of hard and stale right out of the box probably from baking the honey on. The honey flavor doesn't work either. The whole thing just seems off to me. Same calories and nutritional value as regular Frosted Flakes, but it comes with a much worse flavor.

Also I don't know were they get this "long-lasting energy" crap from. Long lasting? How long? What are we comparing its lasting effects to?

Save your money on this one kids
1/2 bowl out of 5


  1. If they add honey to the sugar already in regular Frosted Flakes, then you might have a longer-lasting sugar high. Maybe that's what they mean.

    This sounds like the old Nut & Honey Crunch, without the nuts.

  2. Bleeeech. The regular Flakes are too sweet to begin with; adding a bunch of junk to it means it's just weird tasting nastiness.