Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Serial Cereal Reviews

I wouldn't say I was never a fan of the Fiber One brand of cereal. I had never even tried their cereal before. Whenever I looked at the box on the original flavor. It looked like little twigs in a bowl, and it of course just reminded me of the old Saturday Night Live faux commercial for Colon Blow. Not too long ago I got a coupon for Fiber One, and they were advertising a new flavor. The one on the right: Caramel Delight.

It is a decent cereal. Obviously it had some sweetness to it, and the caramel taste is there but not overwhelming. Which for me is fine, as I don't want a strong caramel flavor in the morning. It also stays pretty darn crunchy in the milk. Even once I got to the bottom of the bowl it wasn't soggy. That was a pleasant surprise to me.

Nutritionally it is the weakest out of the Fiber One line. Tied for the highest calories per serving (220 with milk compared to 100 from the original flavor). It also has the least amount of...uh.. fiber out of all four flavors. Still a pretty good cereal. I give it 3 out of 5 bowls


  1. Turned 37 recently, so I'm trying to get healthier, so the wife and I are sticking to the serious twig and branches stuff. Like Kashi Go-lean crunch.

  2. I am enjoying your reviews Travis. I never eat breakfast, but then my morning starts at 9:30 PM. I get up in enough time to be at work at 10:00.

  3. I tried one of the Kashi cereals earlier this year P-Cat, but I don't remember which flavor it was.

    Thanks for the compliment, Howard. I had a night shift job for a couple of months, and I still usually ate cereal when I got up. Breakfast to me is just the first meal of the day, so when I wake-up no matter what time it is, I am in the mood for breakfast food. Don't forget: breakfast is the most important meal of the day ;)