Monday, October 27, 2008

Games I have been playing

City of Heroes: This is till the MMORPG I play the most. I have been playing longer than I did the first time when I quit, and I have been back longer then I was away. I chalk that up to my friends and I getting together to play regularly, and keep our characters in the same level. When they come out with new updates it just kills other games in what new material they bring. Of course being superhero based, it appeals to me more than other MMORPGS out there.

Warhammer Online: I hated this MMORPG. Some of the worst PvE I have ever played. I could stay in the same spot and grind out XP for over an hour. I would know what would respawn, and when it would respawn without ever having to move. Speaking of respawn: the rate of respawn is way to fast. It says something about a game were I would rather die and pay the penalty then try to get back to the mission provider by running back.

Very lackluster character creation. Just so blah. I have numerous other complaints about the game: Unbalanced RvR (realm vs. realm), no official forums, crappy running ability, etc. But I already cancelled my account. Another friend of mine cancelled his in less than week he disliked the game so much.

Age of Conan: Another fantasy MMORPG, and I like this one much better. Awesome graphics. More adult oriented, definitely not for kids. More interesting classes to play. Combat is a ton o' fun. It just blows the Warhammer game out of the water in my opinion. I have heard there isn't much end-game content, but that isn't something I am too worried about as the level caps at 80 and my highest guy is 26 or so.

Guitar Hero World Tour: I admit I am a fan of playing a video game and being in a fake band. This game is just a good time and a total time waste. I will say that the drum kit on this so superior to the one from Rock Band 1 (I haven't seen the new one for Rock Band 2 yet, so I'm not sure). It cymbals are elevated like a drum kit, and you have more than just the one snare to beat on.

So there ya go. I am just a typical nerd. After staring at a computer all day at work I come home and relax by staring at a computer.

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