Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sing Dance Laugh

New responsibilities at work:
As I have started before, I tend to get rather bored at work with nothing to do. The reason being we have taken on another line of shoes, and my customers have to option of ordering directly on the internet bypassing me. This has let to a new job: calling customers who have past due invoices.

Calling people up and asking for money isn't something I really enjoy doing, but I have started already. It requires me to get into a different frame of mind to call these people up, and ask for money. Even though they are the ones who haven't payed. I was surprised about one aspect of this new task. I thought it would be harder to call people I already had a relationship with (as little as that may be) and look for money, but I actually found it easier to talk to them. I thought there would be some tension, but there wasn't. Some of these people I am trying to call have really sweet work hours. IE 8-10 AM. The alternative to calling people about money would be cold-calling prospective clients. No thank you.

My truck:
Well after getting my flat fixed and taking a look see at my front tires I went got four new tires on my truck. The current plan right now is in about a year from now to either pay cash or a huge down payment on a new vehicle next year. I've had the truck for over 12 years now and although it runs pretty good still. I am getting ready for something else, esp. with better gas mileage.


  1. I once had to cold-call people to ask them to donate money to my high school. Worst thing I ever did....I became Super-Awkward Man. Never will do that stuff again.

  2. When I used to work at the Japanese Grocery Store sometimes I had to call restaurants to try and sell them fish. I felt like an idiot, "Hey do you need any tuna?"