Friday, August 8, 2008

Animal House

Monday afternoon I got a call from my old roommate. He needed me to stay at his house that night to take care of his animals. He was unexpectedly called into work, and his girlfriend was already there. They figured their dogs being inside for about 14 hours straight would have made things a bit messy. Naturally, I agreed to do it. It went pretty well that night except I had a very restless sleep. I never slept longer than 2 hours straight. I just kept waking up.

After that I knew I would be back later this week to take care of my friend's house for about a week, I started that little venture Thursday evening. I walk in that afternoon from work, and Tuck, the pit bull, has uhhh, made a mess all over the front room. I immediately call my friend to let him know what happened.

"I didn't want you see stains in your rugs and not know why." He told me where the cleaning products were and I went to work. No kidding it took me almost an hour to get it all reasonably all cleaned up. They own a rug doctor, and he said they will give it a massive cleaning when they get back. This is also the house were I have the most responsibility: two dogs, two cats, a fish tank, and watering the plants. Whew!

Get up this morning after surviving Steaming Pile of... 2008. I let the dogs out and get their breakfast ready. I let the dachshund back in, but Tuck stays out. I hear him barking after I finish shaving, so I go to let him in. He isn't at the door while when I open it, so I call him a few times. He does come running in...with an almost dead rat in his mouth. *sigh* I tell him to drop it and he does. I get him to stay, and keep and eye on the cat that is hovering around it while I get some paper towels. I gather up the rat and throw him away in the trash can outside. At this rate either Tuck or I am are not going to make it to next Friday.


  1. Wow. I had an experience like that last weekend. Two dogs, except that these were big ones. We came back from being out for a day, and the dogs had pooped all over the living room.

    Like Rob said, good luck!