Friday, April 11, 2008

I don't know, waddya you wanna do?

This weekend I am taking care of my Dad's house and dogs while he and his fiancee are in San Antonio. Before I accepted this gig I should have realized how boring it was going to be. Since my Dad moved into his new house he no longer has cable. So no random sports to occupy me. Or any of the other things I could watch. I don't need pay channels, just basic cable would be fine.

I can use his computer, but it isn't mine with all of the stuff loaded on it that I like to do. I did grab a handful of CDs to listen to while I am on his computer, but I forgot my ipod for the other times...sigh. I am glad I brought plenty of things to read. Books, TPBs and such. That is one of the activities I really enjoy when I house sit for someone. I get to catch up a little bit on my reading.

Another point of contention for me is that I don't know this neighborhood that well, so I am not as familiar with places to grab a bite at that aren't fast food or chain joints. Not that I don't go to those places, its just I have them near me.

Bit I just know that I will be pretty bored...

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  1. That was very nice of you, Travis. At least you'll catch up on your graphic novels.