Friday, February 8, 2008

Super Bowl Par-tay

For the second year, my boss hosted a Super Bowl party at his house. This year his wife made it a duo Super Bowl/Birthday party for my boss. I didn't realize this, so there were a bunch of people I didn't know, but I didn't really care I was focused more on the game.

I was pleasantly surprised that the party was catered. The highlights for me was the pulled pork barbecue and the grilled beef tenderloin. The venison chili was ok, and the dumplings were sub par (Dumplings have to be pretty damn good for me to rate them high though).

They also had what I was told are "the best cupcakes you'll ever have." What were they? Fucking cupcakes. Maybe the best bought cupcakes I've ever had, but not even close to the best ever. Plus I had an Abbott and Costello routine going because I was confused:

"They're Sprinkles."
"Yeah, I can see they're sprinkles. Who makes them?"
"No shit, I said I can see the sprinkles on there. Who makes them."
"They're called Sprinkles."
"Yeah, they have Sprinkles on them, thats what I would call them too."
"They are called Sprinkles."

I am not smart.

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