Monday, February 25, 2008

It's not dead yet!

About a week ago I noticed that my truck's battery light would flicker on when I got it revved up to about 3000 RPM. Red lights flickering on your dash is never a good sign. I knew that it was going to be my alternator. 95% of the time that is exactly what it is. I was hoping it would be one of those rare times it wouldn't be.

Maybe the connections are loose? Pop the hood open. Nope.

Maybe the water is low in the battery? That is the problem. It was low, I filled it. Took it out for a drive, and the light still flickers on. Damn.

I bite the bullet and take the vehicle to get looked at. I get call about an hour later. Yep it is the alternator going bad. So I tell them to go ahead and replace it. Then I think to myself that it seems like I just replaced that thing not to long ago. My memory is faulty on when I bought things. I get mad when a shirt gets a hole in it, and then I think on it, and realize I bought the shirt like 10 years earlier.

So I get it fixed, and people continually ask me when I am going to get a new vehicle. Heck for three years I've been saying I don't know how much longer I am going to keep my truck. But I really enjoy not having had a car payment in a decade. Plus, what I spent to get my truck fixed was like a car payment for 2 months? Something like that. I am going to keep it for a bit longer I think.

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  1. I'm in the same boat right now as you. Oh, those wheels -- it's a real pain when they get sick. :(