Friday, February 8, 2008

The actual game

Now for the game: I loved it. I really wanted the Giants to win. As I told a few friends it was totally worth all the hype, all the hyperbole, all the fanfare, all the build-up to see the Patriots get knocked on their collective asses in the end. To have them go undefeated all the way to the Super Bowl and then lose was a delicious moment.

Why I wanted them to lose:

  1. Totally selfish, another win would have put them closer to the Cowboys total
  2. They were caught cheating, and karma is a bitch, so suck it.
  3. Belichick is a total ass and deserves it.
  4. Boston is getting a little big in the sports britches, and I like to see them get knocked down a peg or two, especially with the Celtics looking to make a serious run at a championship.
  5. I think Eli Manning has taken a lot of crap (a lot of it deservingly, some not so much), and I enjoyed him sticking it to the masses
So bravo, Giants. Job well done.

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