Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Homeowners with

Well, first things first. I'd like to ask everyone for their thoughts, prayers, or whatever for my cousin Rich. I just learned over the weekend that he has been diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of 41. The doctors are very hopeful that they are getting to it early enough.

My aunt was in town and I enjoyed listening to her and my dad talk as I always learn something new about my dad. Like, he belonged to 4-H when he was younger and actually had a cow that won the grand champion ribbon three years in a row until they were forced to sell her. I also learned that at one point in time Texas Industries had airplanes (little prop planes) that their employees with a pilot's license could rent.

I've mentioned it before and I will mention it again Marlo's House in Garland, TX is awesome. I absolutely love their food.

Finally ex-major leaguer and current Dallas radio personality, Mike Bacsik is an idiot. Although how long he remains in Dallas radio is to be determined

UPDATE: Mike Bacsik fired by Cumulus Media


  1. Heard about Macsik. What a jerk.

    So sorry about your cousin. Wish him a speedy painfree recovery.

  2. Well, I think his comments there were inappropriate. It does prove that drinking and tweeting don't mix. He did own up to his mistakes and completely understood why he was fired. He didn't make excuses.
    I do feel bad for him, in that unlike other ex-athletes he had a genuine passion for being on radio. He even took an unpayed internship a few years ago during the offseason in order to learn more about the radio business. When he was out of baseball he took a lower paying producer job at the number 1 sports station in Dallas as opposed to a hosting job at a lesser one, because he wanted to earn a hosting job there.

  3. Your family is in my prayers.

    And Marlo's House sounds great!