Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another thing I don't get.

Okay, here is something I do not get. I am an unmarried man, with no girlfriend or kids running around. As I get older, understandably, more and more of my friends do have family obligations and such. Yet, they always tell me to call them when I want to do something. That seems flawed to me. This is a conversation I had with my friend Victor when we finally went out earlier this month after spending months trying to get together.

Him, "Give me a call when you want to go out again."

Me, "You should call me when you want to go out. You have a wife, you have a son, you work about 30 more hours a week than I do, and now you are back in school."

I have had versions of that talk with numerous friends of mine. The put the onus on me though to call them. I am always free. Pretty much always available. Another thing I told Victor, "Dude you can call me to go do something any time, and I will be ready in fifteen minutes or less." The main reason I don't call my attached friends is after a while you get tired of getting shot down. Hell, some of these guys are losers who never wanted to do anything when they were single. Eventually, I do learn my lesson and just quit calling people.

So, yeah, do call me, AND I will call you (maybe).


  1. Speaking as a married guy, I say "Mea Culpa." I do the same thing. Never thought about it that way. Will try to from now on.

  2. You make a great point. I'm unmarried with one kid still at home. My married *and* unmarried friends tell me the same thing, but they're busier than I am, and usually have something else going on when I call. Maybe I should direct them to this post...