Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Credit Union Underground

I heard of this car chase on the radio, and kind of paid attention when I actually knew where the chase was taking place. I later found out it ended right in the neighborhood I grew up in. When I finally watched it I was like, "Hey I went to that day care! There's Dairy Queen." CRASH!!!!
The bad guy was hurt pretty bad, the truck driver seems to be okay. The bad news for him is that was his second accident in two days.

Moving in stereo:
In other news. My old stereo has been broken for years. The only reason I haven't chunked it yet is that it has 6 CDs in it. I was debating to either get it fixed or just rebuy the CDs. The first few I looked at I could get real cheap, one I found for a penny. Then came the doozy. One of the CDs I could not find for less than $35.00 (as high as $60.00). Apparently it has become a collector's item. I am gonna try and see if I can get the damn things out myself.


  1. Dude, you can totally jimmy that CD player. And i know what you mean by some of the old stuff becoming a collector's item. I had some stuff on tape (ys, that's how old I am), and i delayed on getting them on CD, so now they are out of print on CD. So when I go look to buy them on Ebay or some such, they can run as high as 75 bucks. Do i guess I'm keeping my tape player for now.

  2. I know they have LP to digital converters for computers. I wonder if they have one for tapes.
    I had some tapes, but not a whole lot, so I was able to get those CDs easily. Amazingly, Led Zeppelin's "Houses of the Holy" is still in print. :P