Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Serial Cereal Reviews: Wheat Chex

This time I go back and try what I have always considered the red-headed stepchild of the Chex line. Growing up this was my absolute least favorite of the cereals. I would finally eat this after I had burned through the corn and rice flavors. I recently went back and revisited this most despised of flavors.

After eating a box of this. I have to rethink everything. This is actually a pretty tasty cereal. The wheat flavor really distinguishes itself from all of the corn and rice cereal you normally get. Like the rest of the Chex line it stays pretty crunchy in the milk. I may not put it ahead of the other Chex cereal, but it has definetely closed the gap.

Nutritionally it is pretty good compared to rest of the brand. One serving will give you 40 more calories than corn or rice, BUT it the wheat gives you 80% of iron and 100% of the folic whereas you get 50% of both from rice and corn. The one that is a slightly better nutritional value is Mulit-Bran Chex which I have never seen at any of my local grocery stores.

I am going to surprise myself and give this cereal 4 out of5 bowls. I really dig it.


  1. 4 out of 5. Wow. Impressive showing by the Chex!!

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  3. Whoa, hey Carsten! Uh, good question. I have a Facebook account you can send a message to.

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