Monday, April 27, 2009

A little less hyperbole, please.

Last week, the Rangers and their fans got to see pitcher Derek Holland enter the game against the Toronto Blue Jays. The next day I was listening to the local sports radio station. Holy cow, they damn near put him in the hall of fame.

What one show host said, "I have not felt this good about a Ranger pitcher in years. " Holland's line for the night:

IP: 2 1/3 H: 3 R: 0 ER: 0 BB: 0 SO: 2 ERA: 0.00

A nice outing I reckon. Another host said of Holland,"He should be inserted in the starting rotation immediately!" Wow, seems to be jumping the gun a but there. Well let's check out Derek Holland's stats for the season:

IP: 2 1/3 H: 3 R: 0 ER: 0 BB: 0 SO: 2 ERA: 0.00

Hmmm, well, okay. I don't think I want to stick someone in the starting rotation who has only pitched once this season. Lets get him some more outings. Finally, another host said this, "Derek Holland will be the number 2 pitcher in the rotation by the end of season." Incredible, well maybe he has done a lot in his major league career. I wonder what his major league stats are:

IP: 2 1/3 H: 3 R: 0 ER: 0 BB: 0 SO: 2 ERA: 0.00

Okay, stop just stop. It was his first ever major league appearance. Come on, please. Give him a few more outings.

Another fun thing that happened at that game was the new Ranger pitcher Darren O'Day made into the game. The Rangers had just signed him off of waivers from the Mets. He was entering his cab from the airport when the Rangers tied the game up in the 9th. He entered the game, but they didn't have a jersey for him, so he had to wear Kason Gabbard's old uni. How bush league!

Friday, 2B Ian Kinsler was on the radio and they were asking him about O'Day's coming into the game. He said Vernon Wells looked into the bullpen and aksed him who the sidearm pitcher was, and he replied he didn't have any idea. When he did enter the game, the team came out to the mound and shook his hand. The catcher had to ask him what kind of pitches he threw. Pretty funny I thought.

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  1. I wish somebody would hire me to be a sports writer so i can stop exactly this kind of hyperbole, sensationalism and overstatement.