Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just some stuff.

Okay, so about 2 weeks ago or so a friend of mine asks me if I would be interested in buying his Pathfinder. I was kind of interested, but I knew the cost would be pretty high as it is only 2 years old, and its gas mileage would be about the same or worse than my little truck. Well, two days later I get a text from my old roommate if I would want to buy his old car. What are the chances of two people asking me to buy their vehicle two days apart? Pretty damn slim I imagine. My old roommate's care is seven years newer than my truck, so I worked out a deal for it.
Friday night I am at my Dad's house telling him about how weird it was being offered two cars two days apart. He tells me,"I was going to call you to see if you wanted to buy your mom's old car." Apparently the guy who "bought" it hasn't made a payment since December, so my dad was going repossess it. Seriously, three cars out there in the span of 2 weeks?

I recently started reading a book called, Acrobat by Gonzalo Lira. I'm not too far into it yet, but something is already bothering me: the names. Too many of the names sound fake to me, like they are made up names. Now you usually have a couple of unusual names when you read a book, but this has too many already and I'm barely 40 pages in.

Some of them so far:
Duncan Idaho - ugh. Sounds like the name of a drive time DJ.
Ljubica Greene - pronounced You-vit-za. The book tells us so.
Monika Summers - If this was a movie it wouldn't bother me, but this is the printed page and Monika is spelled with a "k" and that bothers me
Nicholas Denton - Nicholas Dent would have been perfect. Nicholas Denton sounds fake.
Christopher Farnham
Roy Livre
Bart Michaelus

After a long string of excellent books, I guess a clunker is expected.


  1. Duncan Idaho? That's the name of a major character in Dune.

  2. Yeah, but this Lira's own private Idaho. ;)

  3. I was trying to avoid the "My Own Private Idaho" joke. Glad Rob took up the slack.

    The more I think about the more I think Monka Summers is like a porn name.