Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm not that smart

Last week I finally got all of the pieces to finally put together my new computer. Now I feel comfortable installing a new hard drive on a system already built, but building the whole thing by myself. Not so much. Friday my friend told me if I needed any help just let him know. I took that as "I will build it for you." I called him once I got home from work, and he said come on over.

I took everything over to his house I thought he would need. I forgot a bunch of items, but he said don't worry he all of the materials he would need to finish it up. We hit one major bump in the road when we couldn't figure out how to disable the onboard video and get the motherboard to recognize my video card. As far as we could tell we disabled it correctly in the BIOS. My friend finally figured it out, the card was getting enough power from the power supply, so we moved it up closer on the chain. Very frustrating.

Once that little problem was solved it was just installing Windows and all of the games I play. That was really the longest most boring part of the process. I really couldn't give a crap about the LED lights on cases in such. I got one with it, because it was cheap. Now I do care. I keep my computer in my bedroom, and I decided to download the patch to City of Heroes while I slept. Those damn lights are pretty bright when you are trying to sleep.

Everything seems to be running smoothly though, and I am always thankful that I have friends smarter than me who can help me with my computer. It really saves me a buck or two.


  1. True. I have friends who help me with installing my computer stuff, or fixing my fuse box. I'm a technical and fix-it dullard. I can't do anything in those areas.

    So I help them with whatever they need to write. Or in beer. At least I can try to pay them back.

  2. A lot of times I can figure out computer stuff it just takes me awhile. Just doing the whole thing was daunting to me, but I to suck at most technical work.

    I usually help my friend who helped me by answering his pop culture questions. He calls me all the time asking who was someone in a movie, or who sings that song whatever.

    This time I bought him and his girlfriend dinner.