Thursday, October 4, 2007

Did I see him in a Warner Bros. cartoon?

I was watching the ESPN program Pardon the Interruption, and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was on. While watching the interview, I realized that if he wasn’t the owner of my beloved Cowboys, just how much I would make fun of him. He is really a cartoon character.

1) When he forces a smile he reminds me of Jack Nicholson’s Joker from Batman.

2) He has had so much plastic surgery, and, and one of his eyes look bigger than the other eye. It is really weird looking.

3) He also suffers from an affliction that seems to affect a bunch of rich business men. A bad hair cut. Not really cartoonish, but it adds to the whole ensemble.

3) When he talks, he has this real gravelly voice on top of sounding like he has been sucking on helium. I hardly hear him talk with out smirking.

The only thins missing was he didn’t have any of those weird grammatical expression he makes on his weekly radio show that leave you scratching your head. For example, “I don’t know when I knew that.”

All that being said though, if he isn’t the best owner in the NFL he is definitely in the top 3. He does a great job of making you believe all he cares about is winning, and not the money.

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