Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I love me some ME!

There is a comic book meme going around, and my friend Rob has agreed to interview me. Its not all comic books though, but you will get the idea.

1) There are lots of superscientific or magical items in comics. What's your favorite?

In the unofficial poll in my head the winner by a landslide (and maybe a bit clich├Ęd) is Green Lantern's ring. He was the guy I pretended to be the most as a little kid. You can make anything with you can imagine? That was way too cool for me.


In a distant second place though, is Captain America's shield. I truly loved that one as well.

2) What toppings do you prefer on your pizza?

Italian sausage and mushrooms. And depending on my mood extra cheese and/or jalapenos

3) What one writer who hasn't yet written comics would you like to see try his or her hand at it?

That is a tough one. But as I am a big fan of noir and crime novels, how about James Ellroy or Elmore Leonard? And someone who was written a real good spy novel, and some decent sci-fi would be Dean Ing. But Ellroy would be my top choice.

4) Movies: What's your favorite sequel?

The Empire Strikes Back. The best out of all of them

5) Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

I may have tipped my hand here, but obviously Star Wars. I have seen all of the LOTR movies, but I haven't felt the need to watch them again. I could watch the original Star Wars trilogy right now.


Thanks, Rob it was fun. If anyone stumbles across the blog and feels a need to be interviewed let me know.

or: Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about comics – I won’t assume you’re a comic reader – or a superhero comic reader -- when I pick my questions. (If you are, though – fair game!)

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  1. Great answers, Travis! (The idea of a James Ellroy-written comic knocks my socks off!)

    So what the heck -- Interview me!

  2. Ok, Rob. Here ya go:

    1. Which comic book character would you most like to have a beer with?

    2. Name one character that you wish had stayed dead.

    3. Assuming it was done right, what would be your dream comic-to-movie project?

    4. Which childhood to do you wish you still had?

    5. What is you favorite documentary?