Monday, April 2, 2007


I have been living in the city of Frisco now for about a year. The entire time I have been here we have been under a water restriction, which means we can only water the lawn on trash days (once a week), and only about 16 hours during that day. This led to a lot of dead lawns last summer.
Ok, the water level is low I can understand that. The problem I see is this: People all over the city a building swimming pools like there is no tomorrow. My boss just built a swimming pool, and I see them being built everywhere. So, the lakes are so low we can't hardly water anything in our lawns, but we can take the time to put literally 1,000 of gallons of water in all of the new swimming pools being built. Make sense? Not to me either...

Thanks to The Jamoker for the pic.

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