Friday, March 30, 2007

My Three Dads

There are somethings in this life that amuses me, and it makes me a pretty sorry person. Like this for instance:
I of course have my real birth father. But at my job at the Japanese Grocery Store and the job I have now. People think I am the son of the owner. I rarely do anything to dissuade them of the notion. It always makes me laugh.
Also, it confuses me at times. My boss at the grocery store is Japanese, and people always I thought I was his son. I am not Japanese. I am pretty much white as can be. Never the less, people came there all of the time asking me were my "Dad" was at. Most people there thought I was half-Japanese half-Caucasian.
At the job I have now. People continually think I am my boss' son here as well. Which, I would think would give me a lot more sympathy than I get. The reason being that I am left to run the office by myself a couple of times a year, and no one finds it odd that my "family" left me all alone again!
You know I am getting all of the shit work from my family.

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