Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stance Limit

Work stuff: I don't talk about my work much, but this time I am. Today I had one of those problems that I hate, in that I really am powerless to solve it besides just making phone calls. Plus, there are just so many layers to it. It goes like this:
1. A sales rep thinks they are missing a shoe.
2. They call their home office.
3. The home office calls me.
4. I have to find the original order and then call the company I ordered the item from.
5. They find the order, track it, and then give me the info.
6. I then call the company's home office.
7. They then call the rep.

That is the basics some times there are more layers (IE. my boss gets the call and then he gives me the info, and I give it all back to him). Today's though was a huge cluster that I finally deduced that the company I order the hoes from never got the order, which was good because I also discovered that our customer ordered half of the shoes to go to the wrong sales rep. I think I could have spent those 2 hours doing something more productive. It was a total beating.

Other stuff: I talked to a cousin I haven't talked to in a few months. I was shocked to discover that her father (my uncle, natch) has throat cancer. My cousin quit her job to take care of him for the past 2 months (she is a nurse). Now that he has gotten a little bit better, she has gone back to work. If that wasn't bad enough for her, the day she got back home her boyfriend broke up with her. On top of that they still lease and apartment together which makes the whole thing super-weird.

NCAA Basketball: Just a quick shout out, and a hearty congratulations to the Baylor Men's basketball team for making the sweet sixteen. I never thought that program would survive after the scandal back in 2003. What a turn around by head coach Scott Drew.


  1. A. I wish St. John's had a coach like Baylor does.

    B. I'm so sorry for your cousin.

    C. That day you described...of frustration...of thousands of phone calls to different people and intermediaries...that's like every day for me here.

  2. Yikes, I don't know if I could handle all of those phone calls like you have to every day. It would probably cause me to drink...more.