Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From Home

Well, by brother was in town for about a week, to visit, and it was his birthday. I was originally going to meet him, his girlfriend, and a couple of other friends Thursday night, but that got nixed when we got record breaking snow here. So, we weren't able to get together until Friday night, his actual birthday. We all went to dinner with my dad and step-mom. We ate at the terrific Marlo's House which is a Mennonite restaurant. I am amazed at how quickly the sole cook back there gets food out on just a 4 burner stove. The food there is excellent.

Saturday is were things took a turn for the worst. Here a group of six of us went to the French restaurant Bonnie Ruth's. Now I don't mind if there is long dinner that grows organically from conversation and what not. This was not one of those times. This was three hours just wasted. A little rest give from time to time for waitstaff is to order an ice tea w/o lemon, and see how well they pay attention.. This time it came with the lemon, a little warning.
The highlights:
  • I never, ever got any water
  • Well over an hour to get our appetizer
  • Over an hour for my brother's girlfriend to get her glass of wine
  • A friend dropped his fork before we got our entrees. We got tired of waiting for the waiter to bring a new one once the meal did arrive we got our own.
  • They ran out of creme brulee. Which they were going to give one free to my brother, nothing offered to replace it.
  • We were offered free champagne cocktails for our trouble. We never got them.
  • THIS JUST IN: The bastards double charged my card. I just found this out like 5 minutes ago.
My brother and his girlfriend spent Saturday night at another friend's house, so we could get together easily on Sunday. We ate breakfast at the Original Pancake House (it was awesome), and then we went and saw The Wolfman. Which was awful, one of the worst movies I have payed for in a long time. Boring, cliched, etc, etc.

Monday was the last night I would see my brother before he went back to California. It was a nother family dinner at Babes Chicken House. I had never been before, but had heard rave reviews of it. Those were well deserved. You don't get a menu really. The waitress gives you a list of the 6 or 7 entrees they have available. You order your entree, and then every side dish they have is brought to your table family style and is all-you-can eat. I had the (very well reviewed) fried chicken, and I gotta say it was the best restaurant fried chicken I have ever had. Once you are done you can take your leftover entree home, but you can't take any of the sides. I still got away with the leftover biscuits.

Well, it was good to see my brother, I hope I can visit him again soon. It has been to long since I have been to San Fran.


  1. Ugh.. that french restaurant sounds like a truly hellish dining experience. I hope you got that charge fixed.

    But at least you followed it up with fried chicken! (For some reason, I usually spell it "friend" chicken at first, before correcting myself. I think that reveals how I feel about fried chicken -- it's always been a friend to me.)

  2. The sad part about the French restaurant is that once we got the food, it was really, really good.

  3. Believe the food was really god. But waiting an hour for a glass of wine is unacceptable, no matter how good the food.