Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tigers 2 Rangers 5

Well, last night I went to my first Texas Rangers game in years. Last night was a reminder of why I should go more often. The Ballpark in Arlington, even with that horrible name, is a really great looking park. The weather was absolutely fantastic, it was in the upper 70s by the time of the first pitch because it had been raining all day. Welcome relief from the usual 100 degree weather we have been having. The weather cooperated for the game as well. It started raining a bit in the 8th inning, but held off enough to finish the game (around 2 1/2 hours).

The seats we had were on the home run porch in the all you can eat section. I won't break down what I ate, but they damn near rolled me home. Not surprisingly the crowd was sparse at the game. Weeknight, rainy (could have been rained out), playing the Tigers. Not a recipe to bring them in.

My observation watching the Ranger pitcher, Tommy Hunter, during the first three innings: They either hit the ball to the wall, or it doesn't leave the infield. The game got off to a rough start when Curtis Granderson hit a home run on the second pitch of the game. The Rangers tied it up in the 5th, and put the game away in the 6th. The game was also a reminder of how Michael Young is the most under appreciated athlete in the Dallas area. He went 3-4 last night with an RBI to raise his average to .322. He is just Steady Eddy though. Every year he averages .300 with 200 hits. Always a good, but not flashy fielder. He has moved from second the short, and now short to third effortlessly.

All in all I really enjoyed myself even if I did eat a bit too much.

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  1. Heck, I wish I could take a tour of all the ballparks in America. Would love to see Arlington.

    The new Yankee Stadium has food offerings every six feet. Anything from Sushi to Onion Fires to any kind of Pizza to Huge German Pretzles. So, yeah, i know how you felt last night.