Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Three Day Par-tay!

Well a week and half ago I started my vacation schedule for the rest of the week lets break it down.

First weekend: Well I got sick Thursday night with a pretty bad cold. Friday I left my house once to get some hot and sour soup. I had forgotten that I was supposed to take my dad and his wife to the airport Saturday. Then I was supposed to stay there until Sunday night when a neighbor from the old house would watch the house the rest of the week. That wasn't so bad except my dad doesn't have cable or satellite. He does have high speed internet, but his computer is painfully slow. Man, it was some kind of boring there. I got some reading done. It was just one night...

Second weekend: My dad is coming back on Sunday, and I had to watch his house beginning Friday night. This time I took my computer with me, and that helped some of my boredom. I also brought some DVDs to watch. Score. Sunday rolls around as does disaster.

A vicious cold front rolled through Dallas, as well as Seattle were my dad and his wife are visiting. He calls me, and they are snowed in. All flights cancelled, and they don't know when they will be able to fly out. Well that sucks. I call the lady who has been watching the house, but she can't come over any more as she has her own house to take care of as she is getting it ready to resale. So, I am stuck there and have just added about 45 minutes or so to my drive to work.

I also notice that it is awfully cold inside the house. The heater won't kick on. I call my dad and he tells me to get the next door neighbor to take a look. He comes over and can't figure out what is wrong. It is supposed to get down to the 20s that night so something must be done. I get a hold of another friend who is a heater/ac man from the old neighborhood. He comes over and replaces the broken igniter in about 3o minutes. Considering he came on a Sunday, and my bill was less than a hundred bucks not too bad. My dad has a little space heater and everytime I went into a different room I would take that with me and plug it in. The house was in the upper 50s before the furnace got fixed.

I got up at about 5:30 AM so I could go home before I got to work to pick up some more clothes, TPBs to read, and my phone charger. I did surprise my boss at how early I was, so that was a bonus.

Looking ahead: The earliest flight my dad and his wife could get out of Seattle would arrive at around 11PM on Christmas Eve. Unfortuantely for them it is supposed to start snowing again in Seattle before their flight leaves, so they may be stuck there for a while longer. If that happens I might crash some friend's Christmas dinner. Hopefully, they will make it back though.

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