Friday, June 6, 2008

The Wedding, Part 1

May 31st was my dad’s wedding, and I will break it down into different parts. This one will address the meal we had before the ceremony. The initial plan was to have the ceremony first and then to go eat. Realizing how blazing hot it would be at around 3-4PM in Texas at the end of May, the decision was wisely made to push the ceremony back to early evening when it would be a bit cooler.

Off we go to the restaurant Marlo’s House in the great city of Garland, TX. The sign outside says “Authentic Mennonite Cuisine”.

“I don’t know what ‘Mennonite Cuisine’ is”, one of my dining companions says

“I don’t either,” I reply. “So, how would we know if it is authentic or not? Could any of us here be able to tell if they are lying or not?”

We squeeze the tables in the tiny restaurant around so that we are all sitting “together” and the tables kind of spiral around. Somehow we get our party of 14 into the dining room.

Since we have such a large party and only one cook there were a few items we were discouraged from ordering, so that we could eat in a timely manner. The dish I got, which I can’t spell so I won’t even try. What it was though: egg noodles topped with a cream sauce and sautéed onions, a side of homemade sausage, coleslaw, and a slice of rye bread. The noodles, sausage, sauce, coleslaw and bread are all homemade in-house. For the most part it was great. The noodles were awesome, but the sauce could have used some seasoning. The coleslaw was better than I expected. It had slices of apple in it, and I am not fond of fruit in my vegetable salads for the most part. This was pretty good though. My favorite part was the sausage without a doubt. I wish I had more than just the one link. I inhaled my food, and I was soooo stuffed afterwards.

I love that it is very informal there. The waiter/co-owner hands me a pitcher of tea, as I am pretty central to, so that I can refill glasses. When another party arrives, he is sitting at the table talking to them. Really gives it a nice homey feel. I was surprised to see they are only open three days a week. I guess they have other jobs the rest of the time.

The most shocking/awesome part though: The chef cooks all the meals on a four-burner stove. When I learned that I was truly amazed. She prepared all those different dishes, for 14 people in a very reasonable amount of time. Wow.

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