Thursday, June 26, 2008

Keys Please

Just a few things:

1. I was cleaning some crap out of my truck and not only did I find my umbrella I have been looking for for about 2 years behind the seat. I also found a key to a some sort of Mercury. I don't have a Mercury, as far as I know, none of my friend's own a Mercury. My best guess is that someone from a repair shop left it there while working on my truck at some point in time. I just wonder how long it has been back there.

2. I've had a friend's copy of 300 for a while now, and finally tried to watch it the other night. I definitely was not in the mood for that, I popped in the first season of The Shield, now that was what I was looking for.

3. Outside of when I ride my bicycle I haven't worn socks and shoes for almost a month now. Sandals only, baby!

4. I talked to my cousin Renae last week. I knew she had moved, but I didn't know where. She has moved to San Francisco. I told her, "You know my brother practically in San Francisco." No, no she did not. I gave her my brother's number, so they should be getting together.

5. I was kind of handy the past week as well. Helping my roommate install a new dog door in the house. A nice one to with 3 flaps and various insulation to help keep energy costs down. I also helped him install a trailer hitch on his car. The instructions claimed it would take 35 minutes to install the hitch. That is a pretty specific time. 35 minutes my ass.

1 comment:

  1. 1. Now all you have to do is start wandering around looking for Mercurys. See what looks good! You hold the key.

    2. 300 rules! Still, you do have to be in the mood--FOR A ROCKIN' MOVIE!

    3. Sandals are good. I must wear socks when I work out, but other than that, I have little reason to wear them myself in the summer.

    4. Awwwww... That's a beautiful part of the country, too.

    5. Don't you love when instruction manuals make preposterous claims? Maybe for Norm Abrams.