Thursday, May 8, 2008

At It Again

Well, I am once again house sitting. This time it is for my old roommate, as he his girlfriend and her daughter are on vacation. House sitting is kind of a mini-vacation for me as well. It gets me out of my house for a little while. Away my current roommate and the dogs there as well.

One of the main reasons I like house sitting at this house is that somehow it is actually closer to work than my house. I am probably 10 minutes away at my house. It might be 5 from my friend’s. I just have to go through one light and school zone, so I can just zip to work.

My main concern is that this is the house were I have the most responsibilities. I have to take care of two dogs. Including a twelve year-old dachshund. Two cats. Feed the fish. Water the plants on the porch. Make sure the new tree is well watered (don’t over water), and all the other stuff.

Off on a tangent:

I always like looking at the relationship dynamic between animals in homes and such. I was surprised that the pit bull completely defers to the dachshund on most things. Before Tuck (the pit bull) was fed outside, now both dogs eat inside. The first night I fed them, he just laid down beside me while Kyra ate. Once she was done then he got up and ate. It amazed me especially with how aggressive he was with the other dog (Charlie) when he was there. Of course Tuck in general has calmed down from when I first got to know him, he used to act like the Tasmanian Devil.

Well, I should be back home Sunday night, so just a few more days.

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