Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You're Having I'm Arby's

Just some quick notes, kind of a free form post:
  1. How sad is it that I was really excited that I saw an Arby's going being built close to me in the great city of Frisco? I was so happy I almost peed myself (well not quite). In my defense I haven't been in over 2 years. As much crap is around me the closest Arby's is 25-30 min away.
  2. Sunday I had 2 dreams I remembered. The first one I was a lacrosse goalie. I thought I did pretty well considering I've never played the sport before. I didn't stop everything, but I made a good showing of myself. The second was more surreal. I was protecting a girl I went to grade school with from a stalker, and was hiding her at my uncle's house in west Texas. Plus, a cousin on the other side of my family was helping me out.
  3. The funniest/most disturbing thing I've heard at the comic shop in a while, the owner to a customer, "No, comics about cannibalism isn't a big genre right now, but you never know." Different strokes I guess.
  4. My dad is getting re-married in May, more on this later.
  5. Pat Summerall is on the radio right now, man I do miss him announcing NFL games.

1 comment:

  1. Years ago -- jeez, more than a decade now -- some friends and I walked into an Arby's in Baker, California, to grab a bite in the middle of a car trip from Vegas to L.A. Some guy was trying to console his obviously distraught girlfriend, and the first words we heard out of his mouth were, "We're at Arby's, baby." Like that fact should have made everything better.

    Since then, I've thought exactly that whenever I've stopped into an Arby's. "You're at Arby's, baby." Indeed I am.