Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snow Day

Last week we had snow here not once, but twice in one week. This was the first time I can ever remember that happening. I later heard that it was the first time we have had snow twice in the same month in 62 years around here. Wow. When it came Monday, I knew it wouldn't stick to the roads as it ad been too warm for it to. Yards and such it stayed.

Thursday though was really up in the air as to how bad it would get. First it was raining here, then sleet, then snow, and it just kept changing. It was sleet for half an hour or so, and then snow for like 45 minutes. It was weird.

My boss sent us home early, because as he said the roads can get bad quick around here in that weather. To me, there are two main type of drivers in that weather. 1. Idiot (like me) who were raised here and know they can't drive on the slick roads, and prove it. 2. Yankees who think they know how to drive on the icy roads, but have forgotten. So I was glad to get out of there early.

Once I got home, I realized I had nothing to drink, so I decided to drive the almost one mile to 7-11 to pick some up. I get there, and I saw some guys had a table outside setup to sell some sort of product. I felt bad for them, they probably picked the worst day to setup.

Once I got back home and got settled in for the night it was pretty relaxing. It was funny to see one the dogs, Juno, outside trying to catch as many snowflakes as he could. Running around like a maniac in the backyard. The next morning the street were clear yet again. Almost no ice anywhere around me. On the way to work as I went over one hill I actually got a very cool view of all of these houses below me and their snow-capped roofs. A rare visual treat to be sure.


  1. Hey, gotta tell ya. The snow....gets old after a while. Take it from me. I've lived in Brooklyn all my life and by March, you're done with it.

  2. Wish we'd had a snow day this year, but now that we've got sunshine finally, I'm not going to complain!

  3. The lack of snow is why I am glad I live in Georgia now and not Illinois. We get a few flakes but rarely more than that.