Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Clearing the clutter

Well, I have been doing quite a bit of house sitting the past few weeks. With another bout this upcoming weekend as a friend and his wife go to Austin for the Texas Longhorns game. The only thing that happened of real significance was at my dad's place. The problem is that whenever you move something around his computer it seems like the whole set-up moves because his wires are all tangled up together. My last day there, on a Sunday, I spent about an hour untangling them, and try to clean it up.

First off, I found two lengths of wire that were not attached to anything at either end. Puzzling. Next, there was about 10-12 feet of phone line winding through the entire mess. It was plugged into a phone jack at one end of the room, but nothing around the computer. To make it all a little bit neater, I used garbage bag ties so there wasn't so much loose wires everywhere. It was all a little bit tighter. Obviously, it is still a lot of wires running around everywhere, but it is better. Please note that picture is NOT from my dad's house.

In other news of me. I have been consistently busy at work for over a week for the first time in months. Which has been great, because when it is too slow the day just crawls by. Also I have been given new responsibilities, so I have more to do in general. It has been good.

I made a mostly seamless upgrade to Windows 7 yesterday. Many thanks to my friend Dave who worked at Microsoft for a great deal on the upgrade. This version of Windows was actually very good and finding new drivers for some of the hardware on my computer once I got hooked up to the net. It took me directly to the Sound Blaster site for the driver for my sound card. Plus, it automatically installed the driver for my wireless network card. Sweet, since I had lost the installation disc.

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