Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dreaming of me

I have had some interesting dreams of late. Two of them are weird in just how mundane they were.
In the first one the entire dream all I was doing was ironing a blue dress shirt. I spent a lot of time on the collar.
The second dream was me trying to figure out how to sell a big pile of dust jackets. Not any actual books, just the dust jackets and they were all from the same book.

I won't call the third one a doozy, but it certainly was an action packed dream. So I am present while the president of Congo is making a speech that looks a lot like the elementary school I went to. As he is giving his speech in a classroom shots ring out from the ceiling and seemingly killing the president. I then start ushering people outside as they start to panic. Me and a few others are the classroom, thinking the gunman has left. Shots start coming from the ceiling again. We all dive for cover, but I am shot in the calf. Which left me wondering if the president was the intended target at all. Those of us left removed a few ceiling tiles to try and look for the gunman. Then I woke up.

1 comment:

  1. I never remember my dreams, so it's cool that you do. Especially when one of your dreams sounds like a jack Bauer movie.