Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jason Garrett Coach's The Boys

Everyone, around Dallas, seems to be pretty excited about the hire of Jason Garrett as at least the new offensive coordinator, and possibly the new head coach. I feel that I am the only one around here who doesn't see it as such a coup. Before I continue, I do like the idea of having him coaching the Cowboys a better proposition than some of the other people rumored to be coming here for the head coaching job (Wade Phillips, Norv Turner, etc.)

BUT, his only coaching experience so far is as the quarterbacks coach in Miami. Let me, repeat that, the quarterbacks coach in Miami. The quarterbacks who somehow were worse this year than they were last year.

The 2 headed monster of Gus Frerotte (the very definition of "journeyman quarterback") and Sage Rosenfels combined for 22TDs and 16 INTs in 2005, and threw for almost 3,500 yds. While also leading the Dolphins to a record of 9-7

The big free agency signing of Culpepper as well as the addition of Joey Harrington (with some Cleo Lemon thrown in) had these numbers:
3577 yds, 16 TD, 19 INTs. With a dismal record of 6-10 (and how many fools picked them to make the Super Bowl?) Not exactly Dan Marino numbers, hell they are barely Jay Fiedler number.

And lest I forget, lets compare the all important stat of QB Rating (which most of us don't understand anyways)
2006: 71.2
2005: 76.7
Which sucks for both years, but it was 5 points worse in 2006.

Like I said, Garrett could be an awesome coach, but lets just hold off on the coronation for a little while, OK?

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